Fighting Legend: Goku!
Burst Mode is now available!
Reach new high scores and get tracks!
Start Date:

An extraordinarily challenging event
on par with "Super Battle Road"!

A new mission is available
starting from !

A series of fierce battles
against Goku are waiting ahead...

Will you be able to reign victorious?

= Event Details ={size}

Goku possesses a set of skills, such as damage reduction,
which will be further boosted in each phase!

In addition, be aware that Goku (Ultra Instinct) who
appears in Phase 8 can nullify attack-evading skills
when attacking!

There are multiple phases in this event,
so characters with the ability to transform after
several turns can utilize their strength to the fullest!

Engage in a series of fierce battles
with the team you are most proud of!

* Continues are not allowed in this event.

= Boss Type Information =

Phase 1: [Super PHY Type]
Phase 2: [Super AGL Type]
Phase 3: [Super TEQ Type]
Phase 4: [Super AGL Type]
Phase 5: [Super TEQ Type]
Phase 6: [Super AGL Type]
Phase 7: [Super STR Type]
Phase 8: [Super INT Type]

= Mission Rewards =

Through the Event Missions, you can obtain Dragon Stones
and "Fighting Legend: Goku Ticket" every time you clear
this event!

In addition, you can obtain corresponding mission rewards
upon clearing each phase!
Missions that require you to clear the event with characters
of a specified Category are also available!

Form teams you can take pride in and
aim to complete the missions!

* One "Fighting Legend: Goku Ticket" can be used to
perform a Single-Summon in the "Fighting Legend: Goku
Ticket Summon".
"Fighting Legend: Goku Ticket Summon" will only
be displayed in the "Summon" page when you possess
a "Fighting Legend: Goku Ticket".

= Other Rewards =

One Dragon Stone will be rewarded for
clearing Stage 1 on SUPER 3.

* Obtaining Dragon Stones as a clear reward
can only be done once.

= Event Period =

Permanently available.

* Please note that the event content and dates are
subject to change without prior warning.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!