Behold! Support Memory Boost!
A new high-difficulty event is here!
Reign victorious against formidable foes
and boost a Support Memory!
Start Date:

A new Challenge Event is on!

Get Memory Medals as mission rewards!

Only certain characters recruited from events
can attempt this event!

Reign victorious in battles against formidable foes
and boost a Support Memory!

= Event Details =

To attempt this event, you must include
the specified character on your team!
Plus, characters from a certain Category
can gain an advantage in battle!

Make use of characters' abilities and engage in
fierce battles where "Continue" is not allowed!

* You will be unable to take on this event if the
required character is not included on your team.

* Characters other than the ones who can join
this event cannot take on this event.

* You can only select certain characters or the special
friend character as a friend when attempting this event.

* Up to 1 type of Support Item is allowed in this event.

= Stage Details =

Stage 1 "Curious Destiny"
- Phase 1: Super STR Type
- Phase 2: Extreme INT Type

- Character that needs to be included on your team:

= Event Tips =

The following characters can gain an advantage
in battle against the bosses of Stage 1!

- "Vegeta's Family" Category characters
"Vegeta's Family" Category characters can deal
increased damage as well as reduce damage received!

= Mission Rewards =

Complete missions related to the stage, such as clearing
the stage with characters of the specified Category,
to get Memory Medals!
Collect Memory Medals to boost a Support Memory!

Plus, Dragon Stones can also be obtained as mission rewards!

* Please go to "Event Missions" for more information.

= Other Rewards =

One Dragon Stone will be rewarded for
clearing each difficulty in Stage 1.
(2 Dragon Stones are available in total.)

* Obtaining Dragon Stones as a clear reward
can only be done once.

= Event Period =

Permanently available starting from .

= Notes =

* To attempt SUPER difficulty,
you must clear Z-HARD difficulty first.

* Please note that the event content and dates are
subject to change without prior warning.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!