Support Memory Boost Function
Release Celebration! (Updated)
Get Support Memories and boost them!
* The related missions have been updated.
Start Date:

Use the collected Memory Medals
to power up the effect of
Support Memories!

The Memory Medals required to boost Support Memories
to max level as well as Dragon Stones can be obtained
through the missions!

Plus, the maximum number of Film you can keep
has been increased from 500 to 1000!
Not only is it easier to use Support Memories,
their effects are also more powerful!

Boost Support Memories to gain an advantage in events!

* Updated on .
The distribution of the following items has been canceled,
and missions that allow players to obtain Support Memories
and Memory Medals have been added to the Support Memory
Boost Function Release Celebration Missions.
- Support Memory Release Celebration Gift
- Support Memory Boost Function Release Celebration Gift

= Event Period of the Missions =

Permanently available starting from .

= Reward Details =

Complete missions to get rewards including the following
five Support Memories, the Memory Medals required to
boost them and Dragon Stones!

* Please go to the "Event Missions" page for more information.

= Details on Boosted Support Memories =

* Please navigate the following path for more details
on Support Memory Boost: "Help" --> "How to Play"
--> "Items " --> "Support Memories/Film".

= Notes =

Players who already possess 500 Film (the original maximum
Film amount) before may experience the following
issue when they acquire new Film after the adjustment to the
maximum number of Film one can keep:
The number of Film possessed will remain as 500 and be
marked as "Max".

Should you encounter the above situation, please return
to the title screen or restart the game to fix it.

* Please note that the event content and dates are
subject to change without prior warning.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing
Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!